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Our workshop took place on April 28th, 2013. Videos and/or slides of introductions, talks and panels can be found on the Program page. Participant papers can be found on the Participants and Papers page.


Lauren Wilcox, Rupa Patel, Anthony Back, Mary Czerwinski, Paul Gorman, Eric Horvitz, and Wanda Pratt. 2013. Patient-clinician communication: the roadmap for HCI. In CHI ’13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA ’13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 3291-3294.


Effective communication between patients and their clinicians during clinical encounters has a positive impact on health outcomes. Technology has the potential to help transform this synchronous interaction, but researchers are still at early stages of developing interventions to assess and improve patient-clinician communication. In this workshop, we envision opening up a dialogue among researchers and clinicians who wish to discuss directions for future research in this domain. In particular, the workshop will focus on exploring how technologies available today, as well as projected for the future, can support the needs of clinicians and patients engaging in synchronous communication.


Rupa Patel, MSI

Lauren Wilcox,MS

Anthony Back, MD

Mary Czerwinski, PhD

University of Washington


Columbia University


University of Washington

Microsoft Research

Eric Horvitz, MD, PhD

Paul Gorman, MD

Wanda Pratt, PhD

Microsoft Research

Oregon Health & Science University

University of Washington

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